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1980 – My family

This was my family before I came along!

I’m sharing this because I was talking about ‘inspiration’ with a friend and fellow photographer today, and I remembered this little gem I had tucked away (after insisting I have it from one of Mum’s albums some time ago), and I just love everything about this old photo!  Daggy?  Nah!  I see the fun, the clothing, my Mum’s beautiful smile, my sister all cuddled up and my brother being a little monkey..  I love the interaction, and the fun feeling of togetherness that is right there, at that very point in time. 

This photo inspires me in many ways.


I’m back to shooting after a sweet little break, and I’m feeling totally inspired after spending some more time with my own family, doing things and going places with Glenn and the kids (often without my camera!!), just being in the moment and being together.

I look forward to sharing some freshly inspired images of other peoples togetherness soon! x

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