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Kris & Michelle | Brisbane Wedding Photographer

I don’t photograph a lot of weddings, so this will be a long blog post because there is so much I want to share about this amazing day…

To Kris & Michelle – thank you for choosing me to capture the memories of your day, I had an absolute blast and although it would be great to say the day went off without any hiccups… I think it’s even better to say that when things didn’t go quite as planned you dealt with it with class – Michelle – with a lot of laughter and Kris – with cool, calm & collected anguish over not knowing why your bride wasn’t walking down the aisle on time… actually it was a good half hour untill the rings came through and the ceremony could begin!   Ahhh the rings, yes a vital part to the ceremony and they had been completely forgotten!  Straight out of a movie, too funny and well, I think everyone saw the humour  🙂

After a lighting fast ring collection by John, the rest of the day continued with more laughter, much fun and most of all, with LOVE…

Enjoy a look at this gorgeous wedding day  x 

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  • Rosie Condon - Hi Katie
    The photos you have captured are absolutely awesome. Theycertainly do portray the happiness and love of the day. As mother of the bride twice in 6 and a bit months I am very excited with the memories you have created for me. Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • Lea - Not only did you shoot some truly beautiful images but you also captured the spirit of the day Katie. Congratulations from one who was there!ReplyCancel

  • toni Raper - You are outdoing yourself with each wedding my friend! These are just so complete and fun!xReplyCancel

  • Monika - Great story. I can feel the love and happiness looking at those pictures. My favorites are those candid images, they are priceless.ReplyCancel

  • Josh - Gorgeous. Lovely set of images 🙂ReplyCancel

  • eleasah - wow, I totally loved every bit of this – Your photos told the whole story, It was like I was there, Every shot is so full of life and devoid of that awful ‘posed’ feeling so many photos have – this was really wonderful to look through – so beautifully done Katie!

  • michelle maclachlan wallace - Hi Katie,
    Well what a way to start my day, the quality here is just so exceptional are you feeling proud you should be. They will be receiving the kind of gift that money can’t buy. Wow what a capture, and so utterly complete.Anytime you need someone to help carry your gear I’m there.ReplyCancel

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