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Creating Homes, Lives Changing | Documentary Portraits

Creating Homes,  Lives Changing…  I worked on this booklet alongside Ben Pennings – the writer who recorded the incredible stories of 22 people who are now in supportive housing and Robyn – an amazing graphic designer.  The organisation I used to work for (before photography!) – Micah Projects – has a vision of creating justice and responding to injustice.  Their teams work hard to break down barriers that leave people without housing, healthcare, employment, meaningful connections and importantly, a voice.  So many wonderful people work very hard in often very difficult, tragic and critical circumstances.  I can’t speak highly enough of them all – in particular Karyn Walsh, the lady behind it all.  

The stories are very confronting – they tell of some awful truths of childhoods and growing up that are very hard to hear.  Part of Karyn’s writing in the front of the book “…as these individuals say – a home and access to services can make the difference.  People can feel their own strength come back, a sense of dignity can emerge again, and as their portraits show, they can smile at the future.”

My little blurb at the back of this book:   “Meeting all the people in this book to photograph was just amazing!  I often photograph families and people in their homes, but I noticed a particular sense of ease, of comfort held by these people in their homes, which I think must come from appreciation.  It wasn’t until after I’d met most people that I read their stories and really began to understand where their gratitude came from.  They now have some sense of security and stability after a life of anything but.  … It was great to bring to light the faces of such incredible life stories that I believe are so important to share, acknowledge and begin to understand”  

I ask of you – please stop and think of what people might have endured as kid, growing up.. before you judge them.


the shot below is from this man’s balcony in his home at the new Common Ground building in South Brisbane!


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  • simonne Berriman - Every one has a right to a peaceful life free from suffering.. we are born innocent and then before we know it we become conditioned by circumstance, our life can get better, with kindness, compassion and empathy for each other we have a chance to heal our broken souls. If someone can believe in us then we can start to believe in ourselves. xxxxx nice work katie xxxxxxReplyCancel

  • michelle maclachlan wallace - Congratulation to you and to all the people involved in this project that is giving hope and dignity back into lives. These are brave people who were willing to share their stories, and I look forward to having the book in my hands. There is a sense of peace in these faces. WD Katie.ReplyCancel

  • agi davis - Wow amazing project!!! I would love to read this book! Well done Katie!!!ReplyCancel

  • Toni Raper - wow Katie I am so proud of you & this book! Only a person with a heart like yours could bring this into light. Well done, I would love to read these stories & wish all the subjects well in their grand new spaces.ReplyCancel

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