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pig ‘n calf sales

I went back to Warwick for a few days, for a little break during the school holidays… said goodbye to my Brother and his family before they headed off overseas, and spent some time with my Mum, Grandma, Uncle, Aunty, Sister and her kids too.  A bit of an indulgent break, but necessary during the school holidays when it was all possible.  

On Wednesday I went down the pig n calf sales down near the rail yards.  I took my camera and just wandered around with the boys – two nephews and my son (who had his fingers holding his nose for most of it!).  There are all sorts of things for sale there, including livestock (we saw pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, guinea pigs, birds, puppies and more) and a whole heap of ‘goods’ such as dolls and old loos (see below!).  I was stoked to see ‘Janet – the can lady’ still kicking about too – I remember her from when I was a kid living in town…always collecting cans to recycle!  

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  • michelle maclachlan wallace - Well I just love that you got out and did some doco….your really good at this stuff. Love it all, your perspective always impresses me, you see through the eyes of an artist.ReplyCancel

  • Pamela - Oh my goodness can’t believe she is still going – the can lady was only talking about her last week! Was at pig n calf sale dropping of poddy calves in May when on hols back at the farm – n u know what I am glad some things don’t change! U got lovely photos that spurt the memory back many years. Bought my first budgies all 13 of them there when I was 9 hence my love of birds.

    Beautiful photos – love the boy in daddies arms with white cap on head!!!!ReplyCancel

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