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  • Sara Drew - Dear Katie, thank you for your amazing ability to capture the moment. It will be those photos which will help keep the day fresh in my mind when time passes and causes memories to go fuzzy. They are all gorgeous. Love the portrait shots and the last photo for the beautiful images that they are but most of all love the group hug shots, Jules and I laughing, and the looks on our faces at the start of the ceremony. These are moments so close to my heart- I didn’t even know you were there!! You’re amazing!XxReplyCancel

  • Adell - The photos look unreal Katie. Such beautiful photos conveying the love between the bride and groom. I love the brides dress!ReplyCancel

  • Monika Eisenbart - Oh Katie beautiful wedding story!!!!! You did an amazing job. There are so many amazing images. Love it!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • agi - Beautiful photography Katie!!!ReplyCancel

  • Toni Raper - weddings are definately bringing out the artist in you! Love the tilt shift going on (yes I noticed) couple standing head to head on rock, my fave! Bridal portraits are so pretty, your lighting enhances her beauty. I love the bw of the group walking back from having pictures taken.ReplyCancel

  • michelle maclachlan wallace - the connection between the bride and groom is beautifully portrayed, and your storytelling is very well presented. Some standout images…but too many to start recounting, final shot is dynamite.ReplyCancel

  • Pauline Mandry - Oh my! Katie, these are the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen! You’ve capture the bride and groom in such a dreamy, classic style that takes my breath away. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

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