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2012: Thank You!

me and my beautiful kidlets, with a message for YOU!


          It’s the new year and I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to:

YOU!  Yes, really, you – as you are, reading this right now.

You – who knows how dear family and loved ones are!

You – who knows the true value of exchange.  Why?  Because I believe it is what makes the world turn.  I always value the exchange when I photograph – it’s what enables me to do this thing that I want to do for you, and be able to provide for my family that I love!

You – who have been embellysh’d already or will be in 2013!

 .            .             .

2013 is well underway, and all my good intentions of getting out a proper thanks at the end of 2012 were waylaid for one reason or another.  Like a lot of things in my life, really.  This year however, I’m totally making it a priority to focus on what is important in my life – things that really matter to me, and my family.  

My business matters to me & my family, so I’m writing down some of why I do what I do.

For clarity.  And to share, with you.

Tonight, the word ~ ‘serendipity’ has been dancing in my head, and I think I am feeling the momentum of this gorgeous sounding word and it’s implications (just read that it is one of the hardest words to translate though!!).  It possibly is a bit naff to suggest that everything has been a ‘happy accident’ – it’s not – there has always been my drive to keep things going, but when I look back and think of the beginnings of my business, I am amazed at the abundance of love that has helped me along my way with embellysh.  Particularly, a couple of sorts…  both the love that drives the desire to know itself – (yes – you beautiful families/ people that appreciate a great record of your love – history, beautifully captured, mind you!) and also the love that is communication and sharing between people.  Both of these have supported my business and passion to date.

And I am often to find, things seem to happen just at the right moments ~ this is the serendipity I know.

The shared understanding of meaningful ‘things’ really connect us as people – and

I am incredibly grateful for those that have recommended my photography work!  

Word of mouth, this is what has driven the work to keep flowing and to help me believe and trust in the notion that my photography is appreciated.  

So a big fat THANK YOU, goes to those that have shared the belief that my work is of value

because, I whole heartedly believe it is.   Here’s why:

LOVE.   The driving force behind our everyday actions – whether we like doing them or not – is often driven silently by love.  Seeing our love in action, is an incredibly powerful affirmation of motivation to keep doing all the ‘other’ stuff we do, in order to enjoy our major loves and all that we are capable of.  And bless those zen enough to find enjoyment in EVERYTHING they do… you’re on my inspiration list.

But for those who like a reminder, or appreciate a record of it – this is what I bring to the table, with each and every photographic piece of work I do – a look at the love that belongs to you!  It’s most definitely beautiful (because of it’s very nature),  it’s very real, and I love letting it be tangible.  My photo’s are like a strengths-based approach to your own life – highlighting the brilliant stuff you’ve got going on!  Showing the way you connect with your loved ones or your work, or even something else you’ve created…  

In 2012, I photographed love in the forms of:

  • families
  • couples
  • artists, expressing
  • individuals
  • groups of people who love the change they are making in the world
  • a purpose built accommodation building (built with so much freaking love in mind)
  • small businesses that are driven by a love of what they offer, and
  • friendship
       &  as equally important as the what and why, is the how….
you see, I photographed it with love.
(and this is the unique exchange I offer ;))
I’m totally ready to dance my socks off with lady Serendipity, and trust that the work I am so very flippen passionate about,
will keep progressing and growing, just as we do 
as I know that there’s much more to do.
So THANK YOU for reading this, and I hope you know that
I would be incredibly honoured to photograph your love (whatever that may be) and the importance of it, with you.
Katie xxx



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  • Isabella carter - From my dancing body I am flowing with gratitude to you Katie. You are not a photographer. You are an author. Your camera is enlivening tool that brings to life the story of those you are capturing. And when we see ourselves in the images you have captured we are transported back to ourselves. To that place that was ours when we first took our breath. The I am enough place. The knowing place. That is your gift of love Katie. Taking our hand and placing it gently back into our other hand. There is no greater joy in life. Love of self in its purest form and sharing the nectar of this love with those around us. Your photography is creating a new world. Of love.ReplyCancel

  • michelle - Grow strong and with this kind of gratitude in your heart, and you will go far…Love the photo booth of you with the kids (I’m all smiles) <3ReplyCancel

  • Larraine Yee - So lovely to read this Katie!! We believe too, that you totally and utterly pour all of your love into each photo, and that’s why we love all of our beautiful memories you have photographed for us!! Thank you!!!! xxxReplyCancel

  • Sibel Korhaliller - What a lovely read Katie 🙂 All the best for 2013ReplyCancel

  • Toni Raper - well said! Im sure serendipity will just love twirling with you Katie, heart of gold Katie!ReplyCancel

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