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I have just found a beautiful resource that has prompted me to get cracking on this blog…

When I was thinking about what I could share here, I was struggling to focus on one thing – because, you see, I photograph a lot of different things! ‘How on earth can I write something that appeals to a particular audience, when all my work is so varied?’ was the question going round and round in my head.

Think about the work you’ve done that you love… the resource prompted me.

Well, when I delved into this, I realised that the sessions I’ve really been proud of are when there has been a bit of a discomfort breakthrough – when people have come to a real, honest acceptance of ‘this is me’ during a photo shoot.

Getting photo’s taken can bring up a lot of insecurities for people, and I’ve seen some very successful and seemingly confident people who suddenly become very unsettled when a camera is pointing at them!  I get this.  I understand it.

One of the things I really value in a photo shoot is allowing time to work through this. It happens differently for each person and so the process for working through this is different for everyone.

I focus on simplifying things and creating a space where ‘we are just here, this is what’s happening and we can drop all the unnecessary outside stuff – like the many things that are going on in our lives, the negative self-talk in our heads and instead just be present with what we’re doing.  That’s where we start.

Taking time to distill the situation allows us the space needed to help ‘reset’ the current view we have of ourselves. It gives way to new possibilities and allows us to anchor a new belief and affirmation that we choose to accept about ourselves.  If we are focused on feeling good, while being faced with a camera, a little bit of magic happens…

Images grow from mere representations, to those that make you smile looking at them, without even realising why! This is because feeling good is contagious – real smiles, real beams of joy, they simply transpire straight from the image to your heart.

These good feelings, captured with intention and care, will bring joy over and over again when looking at the images.

  • For families – this is the kind of photo that you want on your walls.
  • For individuals – this is the kind of photo that you will be proud to splash about on social media, and reflect on when you need a little boost…
  • For businesses – this is the kind of photo that will let your customers know the value of what you’re offering, that you will be be proud to use in your marketing.
  • For couples getting married – this is the kind of photo that you will probably need to look back upon at some point and remember ‘why’ 😉

Having photo’s taken with intention and care is more than just good photography.  It is a chance to be seen.  It is a chance to feel good.

Providing this opportunity, is what I love about the photographic work that I do.





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