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Let’s face it, photography is a luxury item. We don’t need photo’s to live, but we love to live with them in our lives, on our walls, in our wallets, all over social media… They are incredibly valuable and one of the things people miss immensely after loss during floods, fires, breakups, and even due to bad storage!

I’m not going to go into the ‘why’ of the value of photography right now, but I want to acknowledge that this feeling of value is pretty universal.

During my family support work years ago, I remember coming across a young woman who had spent nearly $2000 on prints from a shopping centre chain photo centre (I won’t name names, but you can probably guess).  I was absolutely stunned.  They were blue-tacked to her wall and meant so much to her – these were images of her only child, and he was undoubtedly the joy of her life.

This young woman had been through a lot.  She was still going through a lot.  But those pictures were proudly up on display for her to see everyday.  They reminded her of what it was all for.

This was one of the reasons I wanted to do photography.  I wanted to bring this positive into peoples lives too.  To be able share the love of peoples lives, with themselves.

It was also reason for me to begin, when I realised how much this young woman had paid…

Too much.  Far more than she could afford.

I have learned that even for me to cover bills, food, family costs and business expenses, I have to charge a bit too.  No where near the $2000 mark for family photo’s, but still, more than a lot of people can afford. (my prices are here)  The truth is, for those with money, my prices often look too cheap, and I miss out on business because of it.  Difficult!

What I have decided to do, is to do what I can, and let my customers do their bit too.


embellysh donation


This is what I can do.  This is something you might be able to do, and I hope you’ll join me on this giving journey.

I’ve dug up some photo’s that I did for Families Week a few years ago now, for the amazing organisation Micah Projects who support many families and individuals in many ways.  The families who receive the gifted sessions will be referred to me through Micah.

These photo’s were absolutely treasured by the families.  It was such a joy to do this.

I’ll keep you posted about how this all goes, and share all the images I can (with permission).





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