Omg Katie, THANK YOU for saying yes, you absolutely blew us away, you made our day so relaxed and comfortable. We all loved having you there, even though I hadn’t met you, it was like we had been friends for years and the kids LOVE you. These photos are absolutely beyond amazing. You have made our day so much more than we could ever imagine.


amanda + zac

Katie has been our organisation's 'photographer of choice' for over ten years. She has an outstanding photographic talent and her flare and creativity are evident in all her work with us. Her calm and relaxed manner allows people to feel at ease when she takes their photograph. Katie captures people, situations, events, gatherings in a genuine and non-cliched way.


Katie is a fantastic communicator which I imagine helps her to capture amazing moments with people she has only just met.


I booked Katie for our family photos (plus a professional headshot for me) based on her stunning portfolio, and was amazed with the results. I have no idea how she captured so many beautiful shots of us. Katie was fun and relaxed and made the shoot a pleasure - the kids loved her.


Katie easily adapts her interactions to make the subject feel relaxed, working appropriately with the environment. She could easily walk into the Director-General's office, or meet with the Attorney-General for a brief time, or spend longer periods of time in remote communities like Palm Island. Katie has worked sensitively with the T2S program (an alternative education and occupational training program for young people in the youth justice system). Katie always achieves honest and authentic outcomes of extremely high quality.


Thank you so much. I really really love them!!!! You're amazing! It was such a difficult day with all that wind, but you still managed to get all those beautiful shots. They are all great! I love the way you captured my kids. It's really them. Their little personalities shining through. I am also so thankful to have photos of myself with the family. I, (and hopefully the kids) will treasure them always. Thank you again for your amazing talent.


She trusts her talent and ability to honour the process of capturing people just as they are