They called it Love Fest.  A weekend long getaway offering bushwalks, bbq’s, bonfires and a magic bus ride to Becky and Aaron’s wedding!  The reception was in a barn, and keeping with the ‘b’ theme, it was bloody brilliant!!!  I spent the day and the night (in a Bunkhouse!), capturing the beauty of the day of the wedding as it unfolded.  These guys were pretty clear that they didn’t want time out of the day for photo’s, instead making the most of their time with the family and friends that had gathered with them in this gorgeous spot in hills outside of Uki.  In the afternoon, after Aaron had snuck off with his ‘band’ to practise a song he’d written for Becky, the action began with the Wife carrying race – (which was an absolute blast!!).  Becky and Aaron opted for the ‘traditional hold’ and came in a close second after a couple of tough heats.  Something special about this day for me was the opportunity to have a couple of drinks at the end of it, celebrating and dancing with everyone to an amazing band – The Mouldy Lovers.  Fun times.  LOVED it.  xxx

Make up was by the very talented Ainslie