It’s been a month of life back in Bris.  Well, almost Bris.  Mt Nebo to be precise, which is technically part of the Moreton Bay Region.  It’s not as far from the city as most think, but it’s far enough away to forget about the busyness there on a daily basis.

I didn’t expect this to happen, to move back after setting off on a ‘trip around Oz’.  I also didn’t expect to get so immersed in another town and it’s people on this ‘lap’.  I guess life is good without expectations – always full of surprises that way.  I’m always up for new things, and the adjustment moving back here has been surprising.  It’s taking time.  That’s okay.  The kids are settled which is wonderful.

Before we left Meeka, WA (and I’ll keep sharing more about this incredible place in other posts), I walked the streets with my camera, which had been neglected for almost a year there!  I wanted to soak it up, to not forget this place.  I found these boys playing in an empty lot, it looked like a regular hang out.  Fascinating to watch them role-playing, threading sticks through old tyres as axles; pushing old mowers, making stuff and generally just being kids – resourceful and imaginative.  I loved this boy’s shirt – I think it sums up their unsupervised play early that evening.

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