Back where it all began…

Maternity images!


The source of a lot of confusion and weird pronunciations…  embellyish?  I get that one a lot.

Doesn’t matter. It’s special to me, so too is honouring this incredible time in a woman’s life.  Creating new life.

Simply amaaaazing!

Maternity was my focus when I started shooting – wanting pregnant mamma’s everywhere to feel incredible and have a very special ‘before’ photo.  I had one taken for me during my first pregnancy and I felt like a Goddess!  It sits at the front of the baby album I have of my daughter.  So special.

When I was pregnant with my boy seven years later, I went on maternity leave and had just received my tax return.  I bought my first camera and spent the last couple of months of that pregnancy diving into the world of photography. Best money I’ve ever spent.

I started photographing pregnancy, then babes were born, family shoots happened and then these beautiful connections with people led to all sorts of other work.

Maternity photography remains very special to me, as I know what a transformational time it is for a woman.  It’s a time to be honoured, and for the miracle of life to be acknowledged.  It’s a time of growth on so many levels.

I love it.








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