I photograph families often.  I photograph them with all the joy in the world, as I know this is important for so many different reasons.

I’ve got a special shoot coming up that has me thinking about similar ones that I’ve done before, and haven’t really talked about. I wanted to share a little bit about one of these with you.

This family, like others, wanted to remember this time in their lives.

Mum, Belinda, was insistent they have great memories to treasure. We met at a park near their house and spent a good couple of hours walking, talking, the kids climbing trees, the family having cuddles, and there were lots of jokes in between.  It was time spent well (essential for all photo shoots!).

The difference with this shoot, was that this family knew they didn’t have long to be all together like this.  Mum, Belinda, had been given a couple of months to live, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was making sure her kids and husband had beautiful memories to look back on.

It was really important for her.  It was a very special afternoon and one that won’t be forgotten.

It was a real honour to do this for them, knowing how much it meant to Belinda.  This kind of work was not on my radar when I started out with photography, but is sure has shaped the way I work in many ways.

Treasure your loved ones, always.

R.I.P. Belinda xx







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